Bill 2775 Passed Unanimously through Committee!

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We are so excited to share that our Bill 2775 (regarding colon hydrotherapy) passed through the House Healthcare and Wellness Committee moments ago UNANIMOUSLY!!!!

We still have 5 more voting steps (House Rules, House Floor, Senate Healthcare Committee, Senate Rules and Senate Floor) before it goes to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law. This Legislative session is not over until March 12, 2020. Please keep up the great work of reaching out to your legislators to support this bill!!!! Congratulations to our whole community for a job well done! This is the best foundation for our bill we could have hoped to start with.

Please call Rep. Macri’s office at (360) 786 – 7826 to thank her for sponsoring this bill and to congratulate her on today’s success. It’s fine to call after 6 pm to leave a message.

As well we incourage everyone to reach out to the other 14 Legislators on the committee to thank them for their support of House Bill 2775.

District / Name / Party / Phone

Direct or Legislative Assistant Email

Link to online Email form
3rd – Riccelli, Marcus (D)

(360) 786 – 7888

[email protected]

7th – Maycumber, Jacquelin (R)

(360) 786-7908 [email protected]

9th – Schmick, Joe ® – ranking minority member (360) 786-7844 [email protected]

17th Harris, Paul (R)

(360) 786 – 7976

[email protected]

20th DeBolt, Richard (R) (360) 786-7896 [email protected]

24th Tharinger, Steve (D)

(360) 786 – 7904

[email protected]

25th Chambers, Kelly (R) (360) 786-7948 [email protected]

26th Caldier, Michelle (R) (360) 786-7802 [email protected]

32nd Davis, Lauren (D) (360) 786-7910 [email protected]

34th Cody, Eileen (D) – Committee Chair 360-786-7978 [email protected]

38th Robinson, June (D)

(360) 786 – 7864

[email protected]

41st Thai, My-Linh (D)

(360) 786 – 7926

[email protected]

43rd Macri, Nicole (D) – Committee Vice-Chair and Bill 2775 Sponsor

(360) 786 – 7826

[email protected]

43rd Chopp, Frank (D)

(360) 786 – 7920

[email protected]

49th Stonier, Monica Jurado (D)

(360) 786 – 7872

[email protected]

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