Bill 2775 Hearing

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The Healthcare and Wellness Committee hearing for Bill 2775 is on Tue, Feb 4. We need a show of people to support the bill. This is an opportunity to show up, watch and listen. It is not a time for testimonials. We need all the people we can get. Please come with a positive attitude with gratitude for the Legislators. Please dress casually and respectfully.

Please show up in Olympia on Tuesday no later than 1:00 pm for the 1:30 hearing. We will gather at the cafeteria in the Pritchard building on the capitol campus at 1:00 to coordinate and sign in for the hearing. The address is 415 15th Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501.

Parking: Charlie recommends that everyone try to park in the visitor parking lot on Columbia and 15th.  Side street parking can be very difficult, and even visitor parking can be challenging.  Please plan on extra time to find parking and for walking to wherever you are going as parking will be challenging during the Legislative session.

If you are late and need to go straight to the hearing, it will be in House Hearing Room A. It is in the House Office Building on the Capitol campus. That building is also named the John L. O’Brian Building, but most people refer to it as the House Office Building.

The hearing will be over at 3:30.

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