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Ways to be a part of the solution


Read up on the history of colon hydrotherapy in WA State and current issues facing the profession. Although WA state citizens have enjoyed safe, affordable and professional access to this therapy for decades, it isn't without a fight for our rights to do so. The profession is under attack again and you can help! Know the facts so that you can support the cause.*
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Join & Support

* Become a Professional member.
* Become an Associate member.
* Donate via Paypal to support the cause.
* Donate a colonic a month.

* To Donate via Venmo search for "WAACH"

So far $31,000 of the $46,000 goal has been raised to afford professional lobbying services to pass a law in January to protect the industry. Every donation counts!

Take Action

* Contact your legislators.
* Reach out to your social networks.
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Remember: When representing our profession, please ensure that your outreach is polite, gracious, respectful, and solution-oriented. Thank you for maintaining excellent standards of communication.

Stay tuned-in and inspired.