WA State Legislative's session has begun!

Act NOW...and we mean TODAY!

1) It's Time to Speak Up

The 2021 Legislative Session has begun. We have a bill [SB-5124] that is sponsored and has its first hearing on Wed, 1/13, @ 8 am! We need everyone to reach out to the legislators immediately and support the process to making this bill a law. We've made it easy! Learn More.

2) Join & Support

* Become a Professional member.
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* Donate via PayPal to support the cause.
* Donate a colonic a month.

* To Donate via Venmo search for "WAACH"

The only way this industry is still alive in WA and that we have a shot at passing our bill into law is through your support and the support of our lobbyist, Charlie Brown, and his amazing team at Cascade Government Affairs.  We need your help to compensate them for their help.  Our fundraising goal is $36,000 and we still have over $30,000 to go.  100% of the donations goes straight to lobbyist support.  Charlie and his team have been kind enough to extend their services on our commitment to doing our best to getting them paid.  They are working hard for us and we all need to work hard for them.  Thank you so much for supporting WAACH and more importantly access to colon hydrotherapy in WA State for now and years to come!

Key accomplishments of Charlie:

  • Charlie helped save the colon hydrotherapy industry back in 2009 for which the industry had almost 10 years without issue.

  • Charlie helped to get us sponsorship for the 2020 bill,

  • Colon Hydrotherapy is now known by all of the 2020 Senators and Representatives,

  • In 2020, through Charlie's support, the bill was passed nearly unanimously through the House committee, rules and floor and through the Senate committee, rules and to the floor (though it did not make it to a final vote),

  • Working with the Chairs of both healthcare committees and our bill sponsor, Charlie was able to help negotiate a path to keep the industry alive for 1 more year, till this session, for another shot at passing law,

  • Charlie was able to help WAACH collaborate with the DOH, WANP and other legislators to craft a bill in which all parties involved contributed to a 100% collective agreement on the wording,

  • Charlie was able to get the Chair of the Senate Health and Long-term Care Committee (Sen. Cleveland) and another member of the committee (Sen. Rivers) to sponsor this year's bill. 

  • Charlie was able to get the bill in the FIRST Senate hearing of the 2021 Session!

  • Please donate, sign up to become a part of the Action Team and rally others to do the same. Emails will be sent to you with guidance on how to take action with ease and power. With everyone doing a little we will get a lot done! Thank you for your support.

    Stay tuned-in and inspired.