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Whether or not you become a member or donate we encourage you to sign up for the WAACH Action-Team to get involved in easy and important political outreach.

Your membership provides us with the funds necessary to operate and fund lobbyist efforts in Olympia, WA to secure the future of the Colon Hydrotherapy industry.

Your membership provides us with numbers so that when we engage with our government they take us more seriously.

Your membership let’s us know that you care and are willing and interested in taking action when action is needed. It helps us communicate directly with you for calls to action.

Professional memberships include invitations to industry gatherings for in-person or video conferencing meetings to help include YOUR VOICE in the leadership of this industry in WA State.

Please join and please donate above and beyond membership fees. The cost of an industry shutdown could be your income and/or your healthcare.

Membership fees are yearly.

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* Donate a colonic a month.
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Thank you everyone for all of your support!