WAACH: Take Action

Current state of the Profession

Colon Hydrotherapy has enjoyed a stable state since 2009 when WAACH members, Department of Health policy leaders, and Representative Tami Green developed resolutions to ensure safe practice standards for colon hydrotherapy practitioners in WA State.

Currently, there is another round of disciplinary activity whereby several practitioners across the state are under investigation for “practicing medicine without a license.” DOH (Department of Health) authorities have not acknowledged or honored the resolution process set in place in 2009 and have continued with serious disciplinary action, including threats to cease and desist, exorbident fines, and suspension of other health care licenses (such as massage therapy licensure).

WAACH members have immediately taken action to advocate for industry professionals. Our goal is to pass a bill into law that protects the current professionals providing colon hydrotherapy and ensures access to the therapy for WA state citizens. Please take action as directed below you can be a part of this effort and ensure the future of colon hydrotherapy in WA State. For more detailed information on the history of colon hydrotherapy in WA state please see the facts page on this website.

Action Steps for Everyone!

  1. Join or Donate to WAACH to support efforts to keep Colon Hydrotherapy alive and well in WA State.
  2. Reach out to legislators. Click here to look up your Legislators by your home address.
  3. Email AND Call your Legislators and ask them to support a bill coming up that provides Naturopathic Doctors the ability to indirectly supervise Colon Hydrotherapy.
  4. Invite them to visit www.waach.org and read the FACTS.
  5. Share this page through your social networks and get all of your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, customers and suppliers to support this cause.